When you hear Moysig, you think of retail design first and foremost. And for good reason, because as one of the leading pioneers, we have helped shape retail design considerably in the 21st century. For 2 decades we have been creating successful store concepts for renowned global brands.

However, our passion and expertise goes far beyond this. Today we see ourselves as a think tank for communicative solutions and trend-setting environments.

Behind this is the knowledge that branding knows no limits. We don’t just think Point of Sale, but also working environments, lobbies and showrooms. We devise environments in the brand’s character. We design spaces where people intuitively feel comfortable, where they feel emotionally moved and inspired by a unique brand story.

We turn the brand into an experience. And experience into passion and success.

We are looking forward to accompanying you on your journey to your tailor-made environment for the future.




Inspiration and creativity need breathing space. That’s why we at moysig are particularly happy about being based surrounded by nature. Designers, architects, interior designers, graphic designers and project managers work here in a hospitable atmosphere that fosters creativity where nothing stands in the way of exchange and foresight, in the true sense of the word.

We are a young team of different personalities with a wide range of temperaments, talents and backgrounds. We are passionate designers, architects, interior designers, graphic designers and project managers and we love our work as much as we love life. We are convinced that a healthy work-life balance, trust and helpfulness form the ideal conditions for developing exciting solutions.

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We get involved

We believe in respectful co-operation in a world worth living in. For this reason, we like to support initiatives and projects that contribute towards this.

moysig culture
As a company that lives off creativity, it’s a matter of course that we give something back. Especially in our home town, Herford, and its surroundings. We feel closely connected to it and we support selected cultural and social projects. We are supporting: MARTa Museum Herford, Rock Akademy Award, Hoekerfest: Fashion Plaza, Herford urban development, various school projects, etc…

moysig social
Uniting family and career is personally a matter very close to our hearts. We want our employees to feel comfortable and we accommodate them and their individual needs. Flexible working hours, part-time jobs, opportunities for sport and stay active, and last but not least company trips are a sign of recognition and respect for our employees’ service and loyalty.

moysig environment
We like to promote a healthy and green world. For example, by expanding our material library. In keeping with the growing environmental commitment of many of our clients, we have focussed on sustainably produced, ecologically valuable products.