We make it more visually appealing

The story is clear and the architectural surroundings have been defined. Now it’s time to develop the visual face of the brand story in detail. Taking your corporate identity into consideration, we will utilise the emotional effect of colour, shape and typography to life. We will suggest which graphic elements round off the impression as a whole and put your customers in an informed state of mind where they are ready to buy. Every detail is highly expressive and determines the consistency of the whole concept.

We will develop for you:
• the graphic look and feel
• graphic spatial elements such as wallpaper, decorative elements, signs, control systems
• basics such as Shop posters, retail book, store guide, packaging design and much, much more.


Clear signals for your customers

Your customers are stimulated and activated by targeted and constant communication. The deciding factor is just: When, where and how can we reach you best? Our creative team has the answer to that, which will both surprise and inspire you. Because you will gain people’s attention with ideas and emotions and connect your customers to your store and your brand in the long run.

In order to match the diverse range of communication channels we have today, our spectrum ranges from well-designed POS brochures to social media campaigns for the store opening. It’s crucial here to use the right channel for the right target group, with the appropriate content for your brand.

We will develop and carry out for you:

• 360º concepts for your cross-channel, omnichannel communication > relevant-channel commerce
• online and social media campaigns
• basis communication at POS

We accompany you in your digital transformation and connect digital and analogue impulses to buy

Multi-channel buying goes without saying these days. Your customers move effortlessly between online content and the real store. They research things on their phones, and buy online or in the real world. It’s not a question of whether you should link digital channels with your physical concept, but to what extent and what your aims are.
Retail, e-commerce, social media and the sharing economy can only be considered in connection with each other. Because we have been accompanying and shaping the dynamic of this transformation right from the beginning, we are your expert point of contact for developing a relevant and tailor-made omni or multichannel strategy for your concept.

With a focus on viability and future sustainability, we combine digital and analogue channels to make a complete dynamic package

• retail stores
• online stores
• mobile stores
• social media
• social commerce

This is how we succeed at relevant-channel commerce, which is not based on the different channels, but on the user story.
Of course we will integrate all the relevant digital touch-points for the POS and mobile devices and populate them with content:

• digital signage: LED monitors, video walls, digital POS displays, etc.
• mobile apps

We also combine innovative technologies (RFID, iBeacon, etc…), uses or processes (gesture controls, gamification, etc…) in order to present your brand strategy meaningfully.


From point of sale to point of inspiration

The good news: Around 70 percent of all customers come into your store even though they are not looking for something specific. They simply come because they want to be inspired and persuaded. It’s important to use this potential by giving the customers exactly what they are looking for. Inspiration and emotion in an on-brand environment. Our Visual Merchandising department therefore has the task of designing an environment that meets this requirement consistently. From the shop window to product presentation, we create experience islands, which lead to the product by themselves, and above all aim for where the spontaneous decision to buy is made: in the gut. When your customers feel magically pulled in by your store’s aura and feel the need to come back, that means that we have done everything right.

No one else can offer this real, physical environment other than your store. This is an important plus point in contrast to every type of digital presentation, and we use it with classic sales promotion techniques and precisely-timed impulse chains:

• as a campaign on the façade, display window, pricing
• for alternating and navigation areas in the form of experiences and eye-catchers
• as standards in your visual merchandising guide – about analogue and digital visual imagery

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