Strategy & Analysis


Excellent retail design has to maximise your return. That’s why the deciding key points of the store’s profitability are tested early on. Which sales can you realistically expect from your customers? Which price range and margins can be obtained? Which locations are best for your brand, and how big must the area be? What rental costs can you expect for that, and what personnel costs does your service concept require? Are there additional costs, e.g. for IT or advertising? What is the available budget for technology and furnishing?

For this we develop:

• customer and competitor analysis
• product range selection
• margins
• cost budgeting
• sales, cost and income statement forecasts for one or several prototypes
• for different countries if required

Product range concept

The right range is crucial to maximise sales. What are your competitors’ advantages and disadvantages? How does the range adapt dynamically to changes in demand, and when and how often do you need which items? Which price structure do you need to offer in the different product groups, and which discounts do you have to consider in your calculations? How do you maximise not only sales, but most importantly the gross profits, by careful range controlling?

To answer this question, we will support you with:

• demand and competitor analysis
• product range selection and controlling
• price ranges at a product level
• price reduction controlling right down to item level
• maximising margins


On-brand store design, product range design, profit performance – the logical final step is to multiply your success. For that, you need profitable locations that broaden the basis for your company’s success. Which city centre locations, shopping centres or specialist retail centres achieve the best value for money for you in terms of rental costs and revenue potential? How do you use the allure of high-footfall locations to liven up cheaper locations? What can you achieve for a branch network in 3 to 5 years, and how do you develop it cost effectively over a specific period of time? How do you maximise your chances when drawing up lease contracts, as well as for running rental costs as well as when giving up a location at a later time?

In order to take the pressure off your expansion department, we would love to support you with:

• branch network planning
• location analysis and acquisition
• location-specific income statement forecasts
• rent and additional cost optimisation
• lease contract negotiations