Black Suites - Hotel Konzept

SIZE: ca. 1000 SQM


In big German cities it isn’t hard to find a modern design hotel, where you feel at ease from the moment you enter the place. In many medium-sized and small towns, however, it’s a different story. With “Black Suites” moysig has developed a hotel design concept that gives hoteliers a concrete plan to transform their hotel into a contemporary oasis of good taste. The first hotel in the “Black Suite” style opened 2018 in Herford. The Hansa-Hotel with 34 rooms will be gleaming in black, a warm grey and white. It will be comfortable, cosy and modern, and Guests will be impressed by carefully coordinated details. The Dom-Hotel in Osnabrück just remodelt their rooms in the Black Suites Style.

The uniformly-emotional design of rooms, corridors, the restaurant and lobby is in the foreground of the “Black Suites” design. Along with recurring elements such as black wooden boxes or wallpaper we designed in shades of grey, lovingly arranged natural, copper and teal-coloured furniture, graphic drawings and clever sayings on the walls produce a creative and warm atmosphere. The light adds an extra layer of sophisticated drama, giving the guest a feeling of zest for life.

The “Black Suites” brand concept is designed to be recognised. It stands for economically-sound modernity and comfort and allows each hotelier their own space for their own demands and ideas. Once you’ve checked in, you’ll never want to leave.

Images: Dom-Hotel Osnabrück /  Hansa Hotel Herford