Green Suites - Hotel

SIZE: 700 - 3000 SQM

Young families, alternative thinkers and nature lovers will love it. The lifestyle hotel in the “Green Suites” style respects established structures, existing fittings and furniture and relies on careful upgrades and sustainable redesign instead of destruction and the throwaway mentality.

Like “Black Suites”, “Green Suites” is a customised hotel design concept from moysig and answers the question of how you can attract new customers with a fresh, unforced look.

Quite simply: Respect for the changing needs of a modern target audience and for the existing objects. “Green Suites” transforms the outdated wooden panelling into something more eye-catching with a lick of paint, and by making a few small changed to the once expensive lights, they shine more brightly than ever. In addition to using natural materials such as real tree trunks, a collection of stones and natural light wood, we consciously present interruptions by using modern lighting, cool bar stools and metal cupboards and concrete surfaces. Welcome an oasis of cheerfulness and unconventional cosiness.