RBV Birkmann - Verpackung, Visual Merchandising


Baking is a traditional and emotional topic. It conjures up an image of our mothers, baking delicious things for the family on special occasions. But baking is also very popular with a younger crowd these days. RBV Birkmann spotted the trend and with the promise “everyone can bake”, developed two lines of baking tin, which stand out specifically from a traditional baking environment with a fresh, trendy look.

Our design and graphics team has the pleasure of accompanying the brand implementation in all aspects from packaging design to shaping the visual world at the POS. “Easy Baking” appeals to the lifestyle of the young and the young at heart. Playful font, hand-scribbled drawings and atmospheric photography with deliciously presented cakes in strong colours convey a lifestyle and fill you with inspiration to bake. Practical helpers in the new “Easy” look complete the range. The “Premium Baking” line on the other hand comes in elegant anthracite shades and is synonymous with a commitment to quality and an elegant, modern way to bake.

We are happy to admit that we at moysig are more than just a little bit proud to have played a part in the “baking relaunch”. It’s now clear how successful we were in making this tradition appeal to a younger audience when the smell of freshly-baked muffins wafts through our offices on a Friday afternoon. Dig in!