Social Projects - Poster, Banner


Everyone is an artist. You don’t have to be called Joseph Beuys to know how true this is. We believe in the power of creativity and its potential to encourage the younger generation around us to discover their potential and to make the most of this together with us.

For one of our most exciting initiatives to mark the 10th birthday of MARTa, we designed posters and banners, which attracted a lot of attention in public spaces. “Paint us a picture for the Marta” has entered into the history of the Herford Museum for modern art. A campaign that triggered a lively exchange on the subject of art, and which was a lot of fun for everyone involved.

A bit more academic and ambitious in both design and message, the DFR (Design the Future of Retail) competition appeared in cooperation with the FH Detmold. As with most of our cultural initiatives, the motto, logo, poster design and all other forms of communication as a part of the DFR were created entirely in house.