Why does moysig do workshops?

What will you gain from the workshops?

You have to go off the beaten track to develop new ideas in our workshops we develop new points of view together with our customers for familiar sales situations, innovative ideas and complete specific solutions for on-target optimisation.

We see our workshops as tailor-made development tools for your brand. Our individualised workshops can support you in your development on the way to the future. The process gives you the confidence to make decisions when you enter unfamiliar territory. Design thinking, brand focus or other trend tours/store checks can always be integrated into your brand process.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a systematic method of innovation for solving complex problems. With the help of design thinking, you come up with specific ideas for innovation in a co-creative team process with people from different fields and disciplines. Design thinking is a user-centred method for finding ideas. It enables companies and communities to develop innovative products and services from the point of view of the customer.

What do you gain from the design thinking workshop?

New perspectives for familiar situations/problems. Innovative ideas and approaches to develop concepts further. And of course, specific solutions that are extremely valuable as a basis for optimising the concept with the target group in mind. Design thinking is a combination of observation, understanding, developing ideas, trying things out, fine tuning and learning. Innovative, radical, 100% user and experience orientated.


Brand Fokus

Strong brands are targeted, strong brands have a clear message. With our brand focus workshop we work together with you on the DNA and personality of your brand. We formulate a message and maintain the authenticity of your brand’s core. As a result, you will receive a summarising document, the basis and guide for future brand communication presented on all channels. By doing this we achieve 100% clarity relating to all important aspects for your brand.


Trend Tour / Storecheck

We will take you on an individual tour with your employees or network partners. We will design a tour based on your vision or problem, with the aim of developing a sustainable strategy for your future. The themes for that exist in the context of your business, e.g. a day tour through the stores, locations, market halls of the various city districts with the aim of gaining a broad spectrum of different concepts, themes and optical impressions. London, Berlin or Copenhagen are excellent examples with a penchant for constant reinvention. Implied themes and experiences in exciting places take centre stage.

On this tour we lay the basis for all people involved in the process and involve them positively in the change process. Furthermore, the knowledge this achieves creates the necessary conditions, to get all participants involved and to form an innovative community together. Let’s inspire each other on the hotspot day tour: