Brand Focus Workshop

Strong brands are targeted. Strong brands have a clear message. With our brand focus workshop we work together with you on the DNA and your brand’s personality, which makes it unique in the market. We formulate this message, so that it supports your company strategy and leads your presence in the market through all communication channels. By doing this we achieve 100% clarity relating to all important aspects for your brand.

• what does your brand stand for?
• what does your brand mean for the customers?
• we aim for a strong consensus from everyone involved. Nothing is a strong as our joint vision!
• why do you do what you do?
• what is your mission?
• what business are you really operating in?

Together we will develop the core statement, personality, the advantages, the persuasion and the confirmation. Each element that defines your brand’s soul, your unique appeal in the market and your added value for the customer.

As a result of this process you receive a summarising document, which forms the basis and guide for future brand communication, store design, advertising, and marketing and which contains the jointly defined mission statement for your brand.