Trend Tour / Storecheck

Inspire all your senses!

In cities with the courage to experiment you can see the trend. London, Berlin or Copenhagen are excellent examples with a penchant for constant reinvention. Implied themes and experiences in exciting places take centre stage.

We have made it our task to inspire and support our customers on their way. We would therefore like to show you personally what is possible and how a well thought-out concept can be implemented as exciting shop architecture during a tour of the hotspots of trend cities. Nothing is better than gauging the aura of a place with your own senses. You have the chance to do just that in our chosen stops. Discussions with insiders give you knowledge and insights into the characteristics, challenges and experiences of innovative concepts.

We will take you on an individual trend tour, with your employees or network partners. We will design a tour based on your vision or problem, with the aim of developing a sustainable strategy for your future. The themes for that exist in the context of your business, e.g. a day tour through the stores, locations, market halls of the various city districts with the aim of gaining a broad spectrum of different concepts, themes and optical impressions.


London, Berlin, Copenhagen always just provide a snapshot – but it’s highly significant.

Don’t take anyone seriously, who is claiming to know everything interesting in these cities. At the same time that they are saying that, new ideas, shops and locations have already sprung up from the ground. For example: In Berlin, fashion, design and art avant garde meet. Over half of visitors to Berlin, especially those from other countries, come to the city to shop Berlin offers a variety that is unmatched, from haute couture to street style, every fashion lover will find something in the German capital. The culinary scene is just as diverse: Street food parties alongside award-winning cuisine, organic food from the surrounding region meets multicultural crossover.
Everything is possible. Our designers, interior architects and scouts are on business in this creative experimental laboratory, and of course we at MOYSIG have played a part in making this city’s heat beat a bit faster than other places. Why is that interesting for you? Because everything that happens in Berlin over a few years is of importance everywhere. Berlin is the test kitchen: Come with us and see tomorrow’s trends.


On this tour we lay the basis for all people involved in the process and involve them positively in the change process. Furthermore, the knowledge this achieves creates the necessary conditions, to get all participants involved and to form an innovative community together. Let’s inspire each other on the hotspot day tour:

• exciting trends
• lots of best practice examples
• insider knowledge and insights
• photo documentation of the tour
• shop & dine

Then use your favourites from our offer:

e.g.: SHOP AND DINE Berlin Tour

We would love to take you on an individual tour. With the aim of developing a sustainable strategy for your future, we offer you the chance to deepen all the knowledge and experiences from the tour as part of a workshop.

Please enquire for individual times and rates.